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How it Works

Everyone wants to know how RJGM Power Build works and what makes this program unique and stand out to all the rest of the programs on the Internet. This is simple we have designed a program that is for everyone that everyone helps everyone else and not just themselves. We have team leaders with their teams, we have individuals that want to earn from home to be able to give up their "Day Job" and spend more time with their families, and we want everyone because the owners and the administrators of this program actually want to help everyone to make money. This is the first program that has been designed and built the way that a program should actually be built. No one in this program has a referral link to use, which makes everyone equal and gives everyone the same chances as the other members. When someone comes and joins the RJGM Power Build all that needs to be done is to click the Sign Up button and fill out the form and make the first 0.002 donation out of pocket. Then work to promote your business and spread the word to others. That is all!

How the Program is Designed to Work:

1. Sign up for your account with the RJGM Power Build. You can open 1 account or you can open as many accounts as you would like to open, there is no set limit to the amount of accounts that you can have.

2. Once you have signed up with the RJGM Power Build you are expected to treat this as a business. Everyone promotes their business and we do expect you to do the same. You wouldn't go out and purchase a McDonald's, Wendy's Burger King franchise or open a store or any other form of business and not promote it so that it failed, and the same with the RJGM Power Build. If you want a business you have to work at that business and work on an online business is not as time consuming or hard as doing it for other types of businesses, you just have to commit to it.

3. The positions fill as new members sign up. This program goes from left to right as it should and we do keep a very close check on it in case someone should be skipped the skipped position will be filled immediately with the next member to sign up. 

4. You will go from stage 1 that you start on once your account is approved and upgraded when you join, all the way up to stage 5. Once you get your level 5 donations you will have your 15 BTC.

Guidlelines and Requirements of the RJGM Power Build: 

Once you receive your payments for the RJGM Power Build if the payment is 0.01 or over for each payment that you receive you will be expected and need to purchase at least 1 new Power Build account. If you want to purchase more that is fine but you will need to purchase at least 1 from every 0.01 payment. 

If you do not do this you are not following the guidelines and requirements of the program. 

You are also expected to help to promote the business, because even though this is a team environment where we all work together as a team so that everyone wins and no one has to do it alone, if you do not help then you are not doing your part.

Please help to grow your business and to help everyone else to grow theirs because they are helping you.

What happens when you receive your 15 BTC:

1. The account that you just received your 15 BTC from will be restarted with 0.002, and you will redo it again. Each time  your account reaches 14 BTC, then all stages expire at once and you redo them over and over again. 

2. You will fall to the bottom of the matrix and open 100 new accounts which the program pays for you to do. You will open the accounts and send in the usernames to the support staff who will then activate those accounts for you. This does come out of the 2 BTC that we retain to help keep the business growing. The account that has just reached the 15 BTC for you is also included in the 2 BTC to restart that account for you so there is not any fee out of your pocket but the first time fee of 0.002 BTC to join. You do not have to open all 100 accounts in one day, however it is suggested that you do pick a certain amount to do daily until your 100 accounts for that time period of reaching your 15 BTC. You will however have to send a support ticket daily so that we can activate the new accounts due to the system deleting the accounts if the donation is not reached in so many hours of signing up.

3. We use the 1 BTC that is retained to help grow the business for administrative fees and also for advertising purposes to help everyone in their promotion we will also be doing advertising. This is our business also, just as it is yours and we all want to work together to make this work.

This is a well thought out plan that can and will help everyone that wants to make money online, to better themselves, family etc. We do ask that once you do start receiving your 15 BTC in a timely manner that you would also think about helping those less fortunate with some of the funds that you receive. Here is a few examples: The Cancer Society, the homeless and victims of nature, children's hospitals that are caring for children that are not for profit. There is so many different ways to help people and that is what we are here for is to help everyone that we can that needs it.

Compensation Plan:

LEVEL 1: Starter - Pay your referrer Level 1 0.002 BTC
Get 2 x 0.002 Btc = 0.004 - 0.003 Btc (move to stage 2) = 0.001 Btc profit

Level 2: Runner - Pay your upline Level 2 0.003 Btc
Get 4 x 0.003 Btc = 0.012 Btc - 0.01 Btc (move to stage 3) = 0.002 Btc profit

Level 3: Pacer - Pay your upline Level 3 0.01 Btc
Get 8 x 0.01 Btc = 0.08 Btc - 0.05 Btc (move to stage 4) = 0.03 Btc profit

Level 4: Finisher - Pay your upline Level 4 0.05 Btc
Get 16 x 0.05 Btc = 0.8 Btc - 0.5 Btc (move to stage 5) = 0.3 Btc profit

Level 5: Winner - Pay your upline Level 5 0.5 Btc
Get 32 x 0.5 Btc = 16.331 Btc 
You get 15 Btc and 1 Btc is kept for administrative purposes to help you the team to keep growing.


All money goes to your cause

The Maximum you can Give is: 0.565 Btc.

The Maximum you can Receive is: 15.331 Btc.

Start new cycle every time you receive your 15 Btc