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How the RJGM Power Build Works!

RJGM Power Build started as a regular team build in the BTC Investments matrix as a controlled build. It has since become a business that we are taking to the passive level for the long term.
We believe that everyone should make money online that wants to and we are here to see that you can given the time, patience, work ethic and determination to be successful.

Creative Concept....

There will never be anymore required than .002 to make 14 Bitcoin Cash as long as everyone follows the rules! There is only ONE simple rules: 1.You agree to help the team promote the business with our team link, no one can do it alone but together we will be UNSTOPPABLE! (Everyone promotes with one link as a team making it fair for everyone.)

Once you have signed up and made your first donation of 0.002 you will be added to our Members Only Facebook Group and we also have a Skype Chat if you would like to join. If not you can stay informed on current news and events from our information and news page on this website. You will need to have the 0.002 funded in your Bitcoin Cash wallet account and be ready to donate once you have signed up for your account. You can have 1 account or you can have multiple accounts.

5th August, 2017

Date Started


LEVEL 1: Starter

Pay your referer Level 1 0.002 Btc Get 2 x 0.002 BCH = 0.004 BCH – 0.003 BCH (move to 2) = 0.001 BCH profit.

LEVEL 2: Runner

Pay your upline Level 2 0.003 BCH Get 4 x 0.003 BCH = 0.012 BCH – 0.01 BCH (move to 3) = 0.002 BCH profit.

LEVEL 3: Pacer

Pay your upline Level 3 0.01 BCH Get 8 x 0.01 BCH = 0.08 BCH – 0.05 BCH (move to 4) = 0.03 BCH profit.

LEVEL 4: Finisher

Pay your upline Level 4 0.05 BCH Get 16 x 0.05 BCH = 0.8 BCH – 0.50 BCH (move to 5) = 0.30 BCH profit.

LEVEL 5: Winner

Pay your upline Level 5 0.5 BCH Get 32 x 0.5 BCH = 16 BCH.
You get 14 BCH and 2 BCH is kept for administrative purposes to help the team to keep growing.

No More upgrades = 14.331 BCH total profit

All money goes to your cause

The Maximum you can Give is: 0.565 BCH.

The Maximum you can Receive is: 14.333 BCH.

Start new cycle every time you receive your 14 BCH

Keep doubling up. Take 2 new positions every 4th Level from your previous positions profits.
Remember! It’s all about giving. Make a difference in 1000’s of lives by being part of this initiative and supporting local charities!!!!!!